Apps Review - September 2021

by BTM

Tue, 07 September 2021

bahrain best mobile apps

Here are some apps that can make your life a whole lot easier!

Strava is a seriously compelling tool for runners and cyclists, letting you create, find and follow routes and track your speed, distance, pace and elevation. For those who are competitive runners or cyclists, whether on a more serious level or with friends, the app provides leaderboards, personal records and comparisons to friends and other app users.

Evernote is an app focused on note-taking, with multiple digital ‘notebooks’ helping you keep your thoughts tidy. It features simple to-do lists, a powerful search tool so you can easily find specific notes and the ability to sync between devices. It also lets you share your notes and collaborate on projects with others, easily track expenses and attach files, all through an attractive, clutter-free interface.    

Life is busy and there›s not always time to read that article you spotted on your way to work this morning. Pocket solves that by allowing you to easily save web pages and even videos for later, storing them all in one place. It›s much more than just a bookmarking system though, as it also makes them available offline, so you can catch up with things any time you don’t have an internet connection. You can even synchronise your saved articles across every device you›ve installed Pocket on, allowing you to pick up where you left off and continue reading.

Duet Display
Duet Display uses the Apple iPad or iPhone you›re already carrying as an additional screen for your laptop on the road. Desk-dwellers know the joys of using dual displays, especially while monitoring social media feeds, stock tickers, or any sort of status indicators. This iPad app works well in a pinch, or even full time if your laptop is beefy enough.