Apps Review - September 2022

by BTM

Fri, 09 September 2022

Apps Review - September 2022

HABITICA - A task manager that plays like a game can make life’s minutia a whole lot more enjoyable. The Habitica app, also known as the Gamified Taskmanager, turns goal-setting and achieving into a game to provide a fun source of motivation. In the app, you’ll get an avatar you can use to track your tasks, play with friends, earn rewards and unlock more content the more you get done IRL.

BRIGHTNEST - Your family is going to love (or rather, hate) this. Instead of nagging the kids to finish their chores, you can use BrightNest to keep track of your household cleaning schedule and set handy reminders. With thousands of hacks, helpful hints and home projects included, the app can also be used to decorate, renovate and manage home maintenance.

SNAPSEED - Google’s photo-editing app takes phone-based photography to a new level with a selection of 29 different tools and filters. Favourite photo ‘looks’ can be saved and applied to future photos, and in-app Insights are there to give you special tricks and tips about photography.

TALKSPACE - With the cost of therapy too high for many people to afford a traditional sit-down session, it’s comforting to know that unconventional routes like therapy-based apps can still be effective. The Talkspace online therapy app is free to download, and when you sign up for a weekly plan, you’ll get unlimited on-demand mental health support from a licensed therapist with no appointment needed.