Gadgets Review - July 2019

by BTM

Tue, 02 July 2019

Gadgets Review - July 2019

BTM brings you the latest gadgets to push your technological buttons.

Rif6 Cube 
The RIF6 Cube is an incredible little gadget that allows you to project your mobile phone with a 120” display. Simply connect your smartphone to the cube, and you’re able to view Netflix, YouTube videos, games, pictures and more, right on a nearby wall. Its size and weight make it perfect for travel, and it’s also great for presentations as well. Available from

TrackR bravo Item Trackers 
This is a coin-sized device that can be fastened to any item, you are then able to use the companion app to find whatever the device is attached to. When you lose your wallet, you simply pull up the app on your smartphone and you can make the StickR beep. The app can also be set up to alert you when you venture too far from it and can use the TrackR StickR to find your phone, even if it is on silent. Available from

Notion Home Monitoring
Notion is a home intelligence system which uses a small, smart, multi-function sensor to detect quite a significant number of things in your home: a water leak, when a door/cabinet opens and closes, temperature and sound. When any of these things are detected, Notion will send a message to your smartphone.
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Koala Tablet Wall Mount Dock by Dockem 
Ever lay in bed at night with your tablet binge-watching your shows and movies on Netflix and realise just how uncomfortable it is to have to hold the device while you watch? You need a tablet wall mount, and this gadget works with virtually all brands and is easily set up in seconds. There are no screws or holes required, as it simply uses damage-free 3M Command adhesive strips, allowing you to mount it virtually anywhere in your home. Available from

Divoom Voombox Bluetooth Speaker
The speaker connects to your devices effortlessly through Bluetooth, and the quality is exceptional for the size. The Voombox has a lot of boom for your buck, is water resistant and is an especially great summer gadget for impromptu jam sessions, beach days, while you’re working on the car in the garage or deck parties.
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Zepp 3D Multi-Sport Motion Sensor
Perfecting your golf swing takes years and years of practice, dedication and hard work. But with the Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyser, you’ll be closer to mastering your drives in no-time! It simply attaches to the back of your glove and wirelessly sends data to your smartphone. It tracks your swing with various metrics such as club head speed, swing plane, hand path, tempo, backswing position, hip rotation and more. It even pops out a swing score each time so that you can work on your game. Available from

Izon Wi-Fi Video Monitor
The Izon Stem White Wi-Fi Video Monitor Surveillance Cam is one of those cool gadgets for home security. If you’re frequently away from home and you want to check in to see what’s going on, the Izon will allow you to do just that, right from your smartphone.

You can place the camera anywhere near any outlet in your house, and once it’s connected to your home’s wireless internet, you can view what the camera is seeing and hear what’s going on in the room.
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Awair: Smart Air Quality Monitor
Even in our own homes, it’s amazing how many toxins and chemicals (and dust, of course) can be found in the air around us. This gadget analyses the air quality, monitoring things like carbon dioxide, toxic chemicals and dust, as well as temperature and humidity. It hooks up to an app on your smartphone, and will send you alerts when the quality of air changes. Available from

Nutri Ninja Pro
One of the biggest challenges when dealing with being responsible for a child’s well-being is to get them to eat their vegetables. One great way to sneak in veggies is with a Nutri Ninja Pro, a 900-watt nutrient and vitamin extractor that enables you to make great fruit and veggie smoothies that even your kids will love. It also allows you to make delicious frozen treats and dressings and allows you to mash up veggies so they’re almost liquified so you can sneak them into your cooking. Available from