Gadgets Review - March 2019

by BTM

Sun, 03 March 2019

bahrain gadget review 2019

BTM brings you the latest gadgets to push your technological buttons.

SunFriend Wearable UV Tracker
SunFriend is a new wearable tracker for more balanced sun exposure. It is best used before using UVB blocking sunscreen or covering up, and lets you see how much sun you are getting each day. It also shows you how intense the sun is by taking a real time UV Index reading. Use it daily to get a healthy amount of sun – enough to get optimal vitamin D, but not so much that you burn or damage your skin.
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Perfect for those who always find it difficult to take notes on the go, the Wear-N-Write has been specifically designed for busy people who often need to record information quickly. This quick and easy-to-use notepad has a flexible writing surface and can be contoured around the arm. Also includes a dry erase pen to scribble your notes with.
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H20 Ninja Full Face Snorkelling Mask
Using advanced technology, this mask allows you to breathe underwater as easily as if you were on land. Comprised of two parts, the snorkel piece remains above the water as you swim and explore while the actual mask gives you a clear view underwater. The built-in air transport system provides you with an airway as opposed to holding any air itself. The mask also doesn’t allow any water to seep in even when the snorkel portion is fully submerged in the water.
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This gadget is the world’s first self-retracting LED safety belt for fans of the great outdoors and general fitness enthusiasts. Compact, lightweight and bright, the belt pulls out from a small case and can be worn as a sash or belt. Equipped with 13 LEDs, the Glowbelt can be seen over 200m away to make your presence known. 
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TravelCard Charger
The TravelCard is a portable Smartphone charger that fits in your wallet. Now, there’s no need to get that sinking feeling when you’re waiting on an important call and your battery power is in the red. Compatible with all Android models and iPhone 5 onwards.
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Smart Planter
Grow your kitchen herbs indoors and with style by using the Smart Planter. It will let you know when your plant needs water with the help of the ‘flower’ indicator. You’ll always know when to water them and won’t be perplexed as to whether they are growing in a healthy way or not. The planter also uses an innovative cotton wick irrigation system which allows you to maintain proper moisture for your plant.
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UCO Titan Stormproof Match Kit
One for the avid campers among you. The kit includes 12 Titan matches, three replaceable strikers, a waterproof case and cord. These are the superheroes of the match world, they’re windproof and burn up to 25 seconds in duration. Titan matches also stay lit under water and in gale force winds!
The 4.5in tall case is waterproof, floats in water and has an integrated striker holder
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Aquabot Water Bottle
Be it for hydration, cooling or cleaning yourself during a hot summer afternoon, this gadget covers all bases. It can spray over a distance of 25 feet and has a shower, stream as well as mist pattern. You can use the variable flow control trigger for a flow of water gushing towards you and enjoy an impromptu shower on the go. The bottle is also easy to drink from. 
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Portable Door Alarm Wedge
This device gives you added security when wedging the door during sleep. Those who live in shared accommodation may crave a little privacy, or those who live alone may wish to sleep easier. The wedge slips under the inside of a door so that any unwanted visitors will set off a 130dB alarm alerting neighbours and preventing the door from being opened.
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Graava Action Camera
Graava is the first video camera that uses artificial intelligence to identify and automatically edit the best moments of your footage. This will later enable you to share them on your social media channels. Simply select the desired length of the final video and let Graava edit your footage. 
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