Gadgets Review - September 2020

by BTM

Thu, 03 September 2020

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BTM brings you the latest gadgets to push your technological buttons.

Cygnett GoStick
Featuring a universal yet secure L-shaped cradle for your smartphone or GoPro camera, the GoStick lets you comfortably trigger your shutter button with the remote control that neatly attaches to the stick, or hide it in your hand for professional style shots. The collapsible tripod enables hands-free photos anytime, anyplace.
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Grill-Cleaning Robot
One of the most annoying summer chores is cleaning the grill after a barbecue. Sometimes it seems like no matter what type of brush you use, clean-up takes more elbow grease and time than you want to devote. But what if you could get a robot to do it? The Grillbot is a charming, automatic grill-cleaner that does a better job, and in half the time.
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Solar Beach Tote
A solar-powered bag to charge your gadgets will definitely come in handy no matter where you are under the sun. The Solar Beach Tote features a high-tech flexible solar panel that generates 6.3 watts of power to charge a mobile phone, MP3 player, digital camera, or any other small electronic device on the go.
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Wild Planet's Aqua Light Mask
The Aqua Light Mask from Wild Planet features built-in dual lights to see underwater at night. It’s also waterproof down to 35 feet, and the adjustable straps will fit both adults and children alike.
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Not only does the Popdrive store up to 1GB of your important data and music, it also opens drinks! Attach it to a belt buckle or your car keys, and you›ll never go thirsty during those summer parties.
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Insect Zapper
Much more convenient than covering yourself in mosquito spray and lighting citronella candles, this sleek-looking, mushroom-shaped insect zapper will do the trick. It glows like a nightlight, but is less noisy than the traditional humming insect lights.
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iGrill 2 Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer
There’s no more need for old-fashioned pop-up thermometers in your grilled chops, or worse, guessing when your meat is done (and hoping it’s not overcooked). The iGrill 2 comes complete with all the bells and whistles: multiple prongs for gauging different meat temperatures at once and Bluetooth smartphone compatibility for checking on your steaks from across the yard.
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Portable Icemaker
One of the most tiresome chores associated with outdoor parties is the ice run: someone has to run to the store to buy bags of ice, which only end up sweating and melting in the summer heat. This portable icemaker eliminates that frustration: it makes ice cubes in two sizes, and creates a batch in just six minutes.
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Outdoor Pizza Oven
Instead of scratching your head trying to balance the barbecue outside and the pizzas in your standard kitchen oven inside, check out this portable outdoor pizza oven. It cooks pizzas in 15 minutes or less and allows you to take a break from hamburgers and hot dogs.
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