Website Reviews - March 2019

by BTM

Sun, 03 March 2019

Website Reviews - March 2019

VERDICT: A fascinating look at the development of the modern world.

What is it?
Ever wondered how climate change and human evolution has changed the world over the past three decades? This website shows a time-lapse of places such as the Columbia glaciers, Amazon forests, Dubai and Las Vegas; captured through three decades of satellite photography. 

The Good 
It’s very difficult to realise how much the world around us is affected from the ground level. However, even just 30 years later, the planet is vastly different and it’s amazing to see it from above via these photographs. From the mark of human destruction left on the rainforests and glaciers to the awe-inspiring technological constructions of Dubai, you will be lost for hours.

The Bad
The major negative is that there isn’t more content. With the amount of satellites taking images of our planet constantly, it would be cool to use this tool anywhere in the world rather than selected locations. It would also have been cool to have some written information rather than just images.
Project Alexandria is essentially the Google of books. It’s basically an extensive search feature for books of all kinds, and also acts as a recommendation tool for book lovers. Enter the book title or your favourite author’s name to get up to five recommendations based on similar books.
Scaling the heights of Mount Everest is a dream for most people in the world. However, for almost all of them, the opportunity will never present itself. Fear not though, because with this site you can take a virtual 3D trip that scales the height of the behemoth. It features a 360 view for every metre of the summit, plus information panels, high-resolution photography and in-depth information about the various stages.