Website Reviews - May 2020

by BTM

Tue, 05 May 2020

Website Reviews - May 2020

Verdict: A great resource for diving into culture.

What is it?
CoolHunting is a really cool publication platform that uncovers the latest in design, technology, style, travel, art and culture. If you are into art, architecture and culture, then this website is perfect for you. You’ll find lots of interesting articles here, and the best part is that there are new pieces almost every day. 

The Good 
There are articles on practically any topic you can think of here, with plenty of them going into surprising depth for a free resource. There are many quirky facts and figures backed up with strong sources too.

The Bad
There’s no option to bookmark to see your favourite authors when they post a new article, so you’re left with the slightly cumbersome option of scanning each new article every day or searching their name to see if they’ve contributed another piece.
Gnoosic is your go to spot for new music recommendations. It asks for three of your favourite bands and, based on your interests, spits out an artist that you might like. You then have the option to ‘like’, ‘dislike’, or mark it as something you aren’t familiar with – which further refines the results. This will be enjoyable for music enthusiasts who are looking for a musical adventure.
Patatap is an interactive website that responds to the keys on your keyboard with a sound and a brief animation. Now imagine hammering in entire sentences – and you got an explosion of sounds, colours and movement! Once you start typing in random paragraphs, it becomes almost hypnotic, in a way. A fun way to unwind and relax.