What’s New - September 2019

by BTM

Mon, 02 September 2019

pearlessence huawei p30 pro in bahrain

Huawei’s popular flagship P30 series presents a new, limited edition colour, Huawei P30 Pro Pearl White. Inspired by the flowing movement and clear essence of the clouds that reflect salt flats, this new colour is one of the most stunning additions to the range’s colour spectrum. Along with this stunning variation, users can enjoy the phone’s award-winning features and powerful hardware, making it the perfect gift to capture every unforgettable moment.
Available at selected retailers

Panasonic’s latest full HD integrated camera, the AW-HE42, boasts a wide range of interfaces. This camera offers significant improvements in lensing, stabilisation and interfacing to prior Panasonic models in this class, available in both black and white versions. It is designed to produce high-quality video and offers precise control and movement, ideal for highly demanding remote productions, and for complex IMAG applications. The four types of output interfaces and the genlock function support smooth, large-scale shooting with multiple cameras.
Available at leading retailers

Roberto Cavalli’s Deep Desire in Bahrain MarketPERFECT PAIRING 
Roberto Cavalli’s Deep Desire is an exclusive limited edition that brings together the Signature and Uomo lines. This duo of fragrances is a tribute to pure and vivid passion, to the magnetic attraction that bespeaks a total communion of the souls. Signature’s mesmerising Oriental floral fragrance perfectly symbolises the complex and exciting nature of human passion. Uomo’s Oriental spicy fragrance is a masterpiece, a true study in the art of seduction. Availale at leading retailers

whats new products in bahrainBE FLOORED 
The Rug Company, founded in 1997 by Christopher and Suzanne Sharp in London, is the leading manufacturer for rugs in the world. Famous for craftsmanship by handmade artisans, innovative designs, artist collaborations and exceptional quality; each rug produced is a precious piece of art. The Jungle Edit allows you to incorporate a piece of nature in your home with exotic and glamourous pieces. 

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Swedish beauty tech brand, Foreo, has created the ultimate solution for clean, glowing skin with the bestselling Luna mini 2. For the most effective cleanse of your life, all you have to do is power on and apply to your wet face with a hydrating cleanser. The savvy device removes 99.5 per cent of all dirt and oil, provides a customised clean with eight different intensity settings, doubles as an anti-aging facial massager, has three different zones to cater to all skin types, delivers 300 uses from a single charge, is 100 per cent waterproof and is eco-friendly.

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