Bahrain’s Beautiful Beaches

by BTM

Wed, 01 July 2020

Bahrain’s Beautiful Beaches

Bahrain is an archipelago of islands and surrounded by warm clear waters. As everyone overcomes the recent confinement and periods of lock-down, what better way to break away and social distance safely in comfort than to head off to one of the pristine beaches the Kingdom offers.

Nurana Islands (9km north of Manama)
Reclaimed land connected to the mainland by a short causeway. Open beaches with no entry controls, access or general control, and a dirt road drive of approximately 2km. A fun place with a number of kite surfers, wind surfers, boats and nice sandy beach areas. No restrictions on food or refreshments – it’s all BYO and free to access with no real facilities and generally just an open sea area for the public. Weekdays are generally quiet and very pleasant. On weekends, the mornings are tranquil and calm but, heed this warning, the afternoons get hectic and the approach roads are a free-for-all with donkeys pulling carts in abundance, cars and 4x4s coming and going with no centre line, off-road quads and motorcycles buzzing and generally just a good interesting local area to see and witness. Nice area to barbecue provided you have all the necessary. The sunsets are magnificent! Safety precautions are up to the individual as is water safety. There are no lifeguards on duty.

Solymar Beach (Amwaj)
Solymar means ‘Sun and Sea’ – and what a great place. It’s ‘Primus Inter Pares’ – Latin for ‘First among equals’. This is the Mediterranean in Bahrain, it’s an immaculate show-piece beach with high-end hotel facilities and if you close your eyes, you could be in Mykonos. It’s a great experience – the atmosphere is incredible; the water is clear and perfect, and the beach sand combed daily and pristine. Water sports, beach sports, beach furniture, umbrellas, music and luxury throughout. No visit to Bahrain is complete without a day at Solymar beach. A standard day pass is BD15 for use of facilities and beach furniture. Towels and face masks are available for a small surcharge and lifeguards are on duty. It’s situated just inside the scenic boat- and yacht-filled Amwaj Marina with ample secure parking. Book ahead on weekends and Ladies’ Day Wednesdays – they are pretty busy. Social distancing and COVID-19 safety rules apply.

Reef Island Lagoon Beach Club (Seef)
Reef Island Lagoon Beach Club SeefThis man-made lagoon and surrounding beach club is like a glorious peacock showing off its marvellous tail. Made up of a stunning lagoon fed from the surrounding ocean waters, the soft silica sand and elite and executive resort facilities welcome the many visitors that keep coming back to this up-market destination, which has enormous capacity and is easily accessible. 

Pristine beaches surround the lagoon and space is not a problem, water sports are on offer and visitors can obtain refreshments onsite – it’s a wonderful relaxed environment offering a “good day out at the beach” for little more than the effort to get there and selecting a good spot to relax in. Recliners, beach furniture and umbrellas are provided, and visitors simply need bring hats and sunblock (towels too at this time). Trained lifeguards oversee the water sports and beach activities and are also positioned on the centre island of the lagoon. 

It’s a great day out in a superb luxury environment that is exceptionally well laid out, well managed, well maintained and well organised with an abundance of safe parking too. Entry price for day visitors on application. Social distancing and COVID-19 safety rules apply.