At-Home Fun

by BTM

Thu, 02 April 2020

Social distancing in Bahrain

Social distancing is the need of the hour, but it doesn’t have to feel like house arrest. Here are five things that could break the monotony of evenings and weekends at home, because you’ve read all the books and let’s face it, ‘Netflix and chill’ can turn into a (literal) headache.

fun activity at bahrain homesCurate Your Best Memories
It’s probably the rare time that you have the opportunity to sort through and organise old photographs, which is so much more fun than filing away paperwork! And while you’re at it, make a creative scrapbook of your favourite moments with friends and family. You can also make a time capsule full of pictures and memorabilia that you can stow away from reach and set a reminder to open up a decade later.

covid19 weekends at bahrain homePhotoshoot at Home 
If you’re done sorting and organising old memories, it’s the perfect time to make new ones. Plan an at-home photoshoot, with appropriate outfits in your favourite nooks to get formal photographs suitable for the family tree, or throw some props in for everyone in the immediate  family for a wild and whacky result.

kids activity at home for covid19 timesPlant a Kitchen Garden
This one serves two purposes while the weather hasn’t turned too cruel on us, especially if you have young children at home. Start from scratch by sowing a variety of seeds and nurture them in your backyard or on a windowsill. When they’re fully grown, involve the kids in harvesting them and turning them into healthy eats that boost immunity with a wholesome shot of vitamins and minerals.

bahrain covid19 times music class at home How Do You Hobby?
Revisit an old hobby, pick up a new one, or join the youngsters in theirs. It could be finally getting down to crocheting that cozy afghan you had saved a pattern for years ago, restoring vintage furniture, origami, sketching and painting, or baking grandma’s recipes.

covid19 pre travel plan from bahrainPre-Plan Your Next Big Holiday
Give yourself a break from the doom and gloom and allow yourself daydreams about where you would wish to next travel to. Roll out the world map (on Google, if you please) and get planning your next vacation. As you have time on hand, delve into the culture of the country or region you want to visit, check out lodging options and find out local secrets that are a must while you’re there. Involve the family; it gives everyone something to look forward to.