Ditch the guide book, travel like a local!

by Rafaella Lakeridou

Thu, 01 August 2019

So we've all been on holidays, perhaps alone, with family or with friends. Even holidays can sometimes get a little bit boring if you constanly follow the guide book. Don't you think so?

So why not change the routine, and skip the tourist traps and be a real local? Maybe this time, you need to explore beautiful destinations by ditching the classic tourist guide. Be part of an authentic international experience which will allow you to see the country through a local's eye. 

How do you do that? Well it's simple:

  1. Start your morning with a traditional breakfast
  2. Learn the lingo - no really pick up a few words from the language spoken
  3. Find the best eateries 
  4. Shop at local markets 
  5. Explore every street and park
  6. Speak to locals