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Gadgets Review - April 2020

by BTM

Sat, 04 April 2020

bahrain best gadgets for covid19 times

Samsung Odyssey G9: Curved monitors are great for PC gaming, and Samsung’s 49-inch Odyssey G9 monitor is a particularly impressive display to see in action. Aside from the huge screen, the QLED monitor has a 1440p resolution, a one millisecond response time, and supports refresh rates up to 240Hz. Since it’s for gaming, the Odyssey G9 also supports AMD’s FreeSync 2 and Nvidia’s G-Sync for smoother gameplay with less tearing and frame rate loss.
Available at: https://www.samsung.com

Core Meditation TrainerCore Meditation Trainer: Meditating is a tough habit to build, and an even more difficult practice to maintain. If you need an extra hand, or just a little tap on the shoulder to get you back into the zone, look at Core. The handheld meditation trainer uses tech like vibration and biofeedback, along with an app that offers both metrics on your health and on-demand meditation classes, to help you focus on relaxation, breathing techniques and mindfulness. Available at: https://www.hellocore.com

Bahrain best gadgets available to buy Acer ConceptD 7 Ezel: Acer’s ConceptD 7 Ezel is a laptop doubling as an artist’s easel, and doing it with style. Its 15.6-inch 4K display has multiple configurations, meaning you can prop the display over the keyboard to show off some work, use it like a traditional laptop or fold the screen flat against the rest of the laptop for some serious sketching work. Built for artists and creators, it supports the full Adobe RGB colour gamut and features Nvidia graphics to keep your apps running smoothly when your work gets more complex. 
Available at: https://www.acer.com

Bahrain best gadgets available to buy Hydraloop Water Recycler: With water conservation and sustainable technology set to take centre stage in the coming years, Hydraloop’s water recycler is a no-brainer of an invention. The large appliance, which filters and purifies grey water from baths, showers and washing machines, employs a series of six maintenance-free filtration techniques, and can recycle up to 85 per cent of the water used in the home for re-use in toilets, pools and irrigation systems. 
Available at: https://www.hydraloop.com

Bahrain best gadgets available to buy Joué Music Instrument: Joué’s Music Instrument is a modular take on the MIDI controller, using a compact, backpack-friendly wooden and aluminium board that supports swappable pads to accommodate your instrument of choice. With choices ranging from beat pads to piano keys to a guitar neck, and support for mobile devices like tablets, the Joué has the potential to be the music-making device for anyone looking to experiment with different sounds without toting a giant instrument case.
Available at: https://www.play-joue.com

Bahrain best gadgets available to buy Moon Ultra: Smartphone photos are always improving, but lighting remains an issue. Moon Ultra, a tiny, touch-sensitive, clip-on light source, fixes the issue by providing users with a powerful light that doesn’t require a bulky case. Its multiple colour temperatures and adjustable brightness also make it the perfect companion for those with darker skin tones whose photos are done a disservice by the cooler light temperatures often used on smartphone camera modules.
Available at: https://moonultra.com/

Bahrain best gadgets available to buy Samsung Ballie: Samsung’s Ballie is an interesting combination between smart home device and robotic companion. The ball-shaped gadget, equipped with cameras and sensors used to follow you around, can control various smart home features, take photos, send you updates about your home when you’re away and even function as a fitness assistant. Designed to be an ‘all-around life companion,’ Ballie might just be cute enough give your pup a run for its money.
Available at: https://www.samsung.com

Bahrain best gadgets available to buy Rocean One: Rocean’s One is the most stylish take on a water filter you’ve seen yet. Aimed at reducing the use of plastic bottles, it filters, carbonates and flavours water thanks to a pair of reusable flavour pods and a built-in carbon dioxide tank. The company is partnering with various brands to recreate and offer particular flavour combinations in an effort to discourage bottle use while providing customers with the same great drinks they love to chug. 
Available at: https://rocean.com/products/rocean-one

Bahrain best gadgets available to buy Roland Go:Livecast: Roland’s Go:Livecast is a clever take on a mobile production studio, catering to smartphone vloggers who want to create more professional live-streaming content. The array of control options helps solo producers and streamers cue up sound effects, display titles, mix audio and more. The Go:Livecast is also pretty capable, supporting multiple input and output options, including XLR, as well as including a built-in microphone. 
Available at: https://www.roland.com/global/products/golivecast/






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