Gadgets Review - December 2019

by BTM

Sat, 07 December 2019

Gadgets Review - December 2019

Punkt. MP02 
The more our phones do, the more they demand of us. Sometimes it’s good to take a break. But until now, the only alternative to using your smartphone has been the kind of phone you find at the back of a drawer. The Punkt. MP012 is a stylish, well-crafted mobile phone which focuses on simplicity. Make phone calls and send texts. That’s all. Available from

bahrain gadgets december 2019DJI Osmo Mobile  
The Osmo mobile allows you to make videos you shoot on your smartphone look more smooth, professional and ready to share. You can use intelligent functions to track your subject, capture stunning motion time-lapses, and ensure that your video doesn’t look shaky!
Available from

bahrain gadget reviews 2019zCardBuddy Deluxe
We take our phones everywhere we go, and taking an extra wallet or card case can be a hassle to remember. With the CardBuddy you can take everything you need wherever you go!
Available from

SEEK Compact Thermal Image Camera
Have you ever wanted to add thermal imaging capabilities to your iPhone? This gadget lets you turn any iPhone or Android smartphone into a thermal imaging camera. This could be an excellent way of determining and identifying machines which have a possibility of overheating so you can get them out of your house or office! The camera captures over 32,000 temperature data points and uses infrared technology which means that you can use it at night or during the day. Available from

bahrain gadget reviews 2019The Mighty Mug – The mug that won’t fall over.
Whether you’re working on a desk or at school, having a mug that falls over is something nobody wants. While it seems like some sort of magic is going on, the Mighty Mug does what it is said to do: it just doesn’t fall over. Available from

MyKronoz ZeWatch4 Smartwatch Black
The ZeWatch4 from smartwatch experts MyKronoz sports the perfect balance between understated Swedish style and up-to-the-minute technology and features. Within its stylish black exterior lurk such highlights as contactless payment, a step counter, a full colour touchscreen, voice control, up to three days of battery life and more. Available from

Bahrain gadget  review for december 2019Misfit Ray
The ultimate in wearable technology, this gadget will help you to reach your health goals and stay motivated 24 hours a day. The minimal and versatile tracker monitors your steps, distance, calories burned, activity and sleep duration and quality. Pair up with your smartphone via Bluetooth to receive vibration alerts for calls, texts and alarms, as well as controlling the camera and music on your phone. Available from

Bahrain gadget  review for december 2019WeWow Phone Gimbal Stabiliser
This is a digital gyroscopic stabiliser for your phone, helping you to take incredibly smooth video and photos on the move with ease. Just clip your phone into the two-axis gimbal, power it up and the proprietary brushless motors and 64-bit processor will kick into action, correcting any movements at 20,000 times per second. It’s the world’s first handheld phone gimbal to feature 360-degree rotation in both the pitch and roll axes, which allows you to switch between all sorts of creative shooting angles on the fly, with no jarring transitions. Available from

Bahrain gadget  review for december 2019Animal Speakers
These pint-sized rechargeable Animal Speakers are bursting at the seams with cuteness. Delightfully small but surprisingly powerful, don’t let their doe-eyed expressions fool you, as these 2W Bluetooth speakers are not just sweet, they’re also full of impressively rich sound quality and audible power. There’s also a built-in microphone function tucked into the exterior, making them easy to carry around. Available from