Gadgets Review - December 2022

by BTM

Wed, 07 December 2022

Latest bahrain gadgets to buy

We bring you the latest gadgets to push your technological buttons.

Wookie Foot Stocking - This officially-licensed Wookie stocking is bound to be a firm favourite with Star Wars fans. The perfect thing to hang over the mantelpiece this Christmas. Just don’t think too long and hard about what happened to the poor Wookie it belonged to. Available at

Motherboard Wrapping Paper - This nerdy motherboard circuit wrapping paper looks more like an intricate circuit board blueprint than something you’d use to wrap up presents. A brilliant way to give geeky gifts this Christmas, even more so if you wrap up something geeky inside too. Available at

Die Hard Christmas Tree Decorations - No Christmas would be complete without a belly full of mince pies and Die Hard on the television. Show your love for the classic film with these handmade Die Hard tree ornaments. Available at

White Walker Game of Thrones Bauble - This Winter is coming and with it, Christmas and these brilliant White Walker baubles. Jon Snow might know nothing, but everyone knows Game of Thrones fans will love these tree decorations, even if they are slightly creepy. Available at

Game of Thrones ‘Christmas Is Coming’ Decoration - The Declare your undying love for all things Game of Thrones with these geeky Christmas decorations. Christmas is coming and there’s no Night’s Watch to stop it. Available at

Star Wars Death Star Tree Topper - If you love Star Wars, then this is the must-have decoration. Weak thermal exhaust port not included, so you don’t need to worry about it blowing up. It does, however, include awesome lights, sounds and remote control too. Available at