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Gadgets Review - January 2020

by BTM

Tue, 07 January 2020

bahrain best and latest gadgets

Motiv Ring
Fitness and motivation wrapped around your finger
The Motiv Ring effortlessly tracks your activity, heart rate and sleep. It measures everything from active minutes, steps and calories burned all the way to sleep duration. The Motiv Ring is the most stylish way to keep in touch with your fitness self.

Available from www.mymotiv.com

Bahrain Latest gadgets GeniCan
Even making your trash smart
Throwing things in the rubbish and making shopping lists to replenish them, have always been things none of us like to do. With GeniCan, you can scan an item’s barcode as you discard it in order to automatically add it to your shopping list. If an item doesn’t have a barcode, then GeniCan will simply ask you what to add to the list.

Available from www.genican.com

Bahrain latest gadgets noke in bahrainNoke
Smart Lock
The Noke Smart Lock redefines the traditional lock technology that has existed for over 100 years. Make sure you never again have to spend time looking for the right key or fumbling for the combination of numbers with the padlock of the 21st century.

Available from www.noke.com

bahrain latest gadgets for january 2020Mi Band 2
Time to step up
As a lifestyle magazine, fitness has a place very close to our hearts. The Mi Band 2 is yet another fitness tracker that goes on your wrist. It lets you track and check the time, your steps and heart rate all on the go (without an app). The fitness tracker also alerts you when you’ve been sitting too long in order to remind you to move around a little bit, which is something all of us could use from time to time.

Available from www.mi.com/en/miband2

bahrain gadgets january 2020Honor 8
Eyes to the world
The Honor 8 smartphone, also known as a smartphone that won’t hurt your pocket, comes in at a more budget price than some of the other options on the market. It features Google’s Android operating system and includes fingerprint technology, a dual-camera and fast charging.

Available from www.hihonor.com

Bahrain Gagets NanodotsNanodots
These incredibly powerful magnetic constructors are precisely crafted for the formation of complex structures, originally developed for the purpose of education in geometry, chemistry, maths and magnetism. They allow for endless creative fun and can lift 1,000 times their own weight.

Available from www.red5.co.uk

Bahrain Gadgets Frozen Drinks and Slushie MakerFrozen Drinks and Slushie Maker
This vintage design gives you all the tools you need to create incredible ice-cold drinks at home. This device is super quick and easy to set up; simply plug in, switch on and add your favourite ingredients to get chilly creations in less than 15 minutes. Perfect for fruit smoothies and slushy cordials for kids or iced coffees and delicious cocktails for the grown-ups.

Available from www.amazon.com

Sega Arcade Classic Wireless in BahrainSega Arcade Classic Wireless
This gadget lets all your childhood gaming fantasies become a reality as you can recreate the glory days of the magnificent SEGA Mega Drive (with a wireless upgrade)! The ultimate retro games console features 80 classic SEGA games built-in, including Mortal Kombat, Sonic and Golden Axe. With two wireless controllers, it is ready to plug in and play.

Available from www.red5.co.uk

Amazon Echo Gadgets in BahrainAmazon Echo
Your new personal assistant. 
The time when robots and artificial intelligence come for our jobs has come. Meet Amazon Echo, a digital personal assistant with Amazon’s Alexa AI built in to help you schedule appointments and search the web with just your voice. It’s always ready, connected and fast. 

Available from www.amazon.com/echo





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