Gadgets Review - June 2019

by BTM

Thu, 30 May 2019

Gadgets Review - June 2019

BTM brings you the latest gadgets to push your technological buttons.

Lexon Nuno Watch
A timepiece with minimal design, it’s a simple quartz analogue watch with a Ronda movement. With no numbers featured on the clock face and the watch hands being cut out as engravings on round dials, Nuno is one of a kind. Available from

Wooden Magnetic Smartphone Holder 
This is a functional, wooden smartphone holder that you can attach easily on any surface, such as fridge, kitchen rack, walls or your car dashboard, in order to hold your phone. Simply attach the connection plate onto your phone or between your phone and case and that’s it.
Available from

Palo Alto Audio Design Cubik HD USB Speaker System
A new kind of speaker that brings 24-bit sound to your device. It’s practically compatible with all your smart devices across all operating systems and since it uses a USB port for connection, it can charge them too while streaming music. The powerful chip present within has a DSP (digital signal processor), DAA (digital audio amplifier), and USB sound card which does not allow sound to step out from the digital domain. 
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Flip 10 Recharger 
This ultra-compact and portable charger packs in 2,600 mAh with 1A output. It can be charged in and out by using the USB flip tip and the included micro USB charging cable. Taking just 2.5 hours to become fully charged, the Flip 10 Recharger can also connect to a compatible Goal Zero solar panel to top up, even when you’re not near a power source. Available from

Pryme Vessy
Keep on top of your hydration levels with this gadget. Understanding that each day is unique as are your hydration needs, this water bottle works with a smart app to ensure you’re on track each day. A small light on the side alerts you when it’s time to hydrate and the bottle communicates with the app with each sip and gulp. The smart app takes everything from your height and weight to hours of sleep into account to create your daily hydration goals. Available from