Gadgets Review - June 2021

by BTM

Thu, 03 June 2021

bahrain latest gadgets

BTM brings you the latest gadgets to push your technological buttons

Polaroid Play 3D Pen This device allows you to draw and create three-dimensional images and structures. The pen comes with access to a Polaroid Trace App, so you can bring up a stencil to ‘trace’ from on your smartphone or tablet. You can ‘trace’ over it and create the pieces to assemble incredible 3D models. Alternatively, you can free-draw a model for yourself. Available now from

JAR Password Device You can replace all of your passwords with this hardware. Instead of using passwords to access websites, you can log in or register with the touch of your finger. Available at:

ORKA Smart Water Bottle Track your water intake with this bottle. It keeps you hydrated as a Bluetooth signal will be sent to your phone and syncs your intake data, keeping you updated on your hydration level. Available at:

Tranquil Moments Bedside Speaker The speaker maximises sleep relaxation. The brain will try to match the rhythms of the sound you hear on this speaker and coax you into an ideal sleep you desire. Just twist the dial to choose any tune from the 12 digital sound programmes. The speaker will gradually slow playback over 30 minutes and lull you to sleep. Available at:
Thermo Projection Clock This weather clock displays the time along with temperature, humidity, day and date. It will also project the time anywhere you want, whether that be the wall or ceiling, thanks to its adjustable projection arm. Available at: