Gadgets Review - March 2021

by BTM

Mon, 08 March 2021

Gadgets Review - March 2021

BTM brings you trendiest tech and greatest gizmos in its latest batch of cool gadgets.

Portable Door Alarm Wedge - This device gives you added security when wedging the door during sleep. Those who live in shared accommodation may crave a little privacy, or those who live alone may wish to sleep easier. The wedge slips under the inside of a door so that any unwanted visitors will set off a 130dB alarm alerting neighbours and preventing the door from being opened. Available at:

Big Eye Wi-Fi Spy Tank - This beast features a moveable camera and is controllable from an iOS or Android device. It creates its own Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing you to control it both indoors and out, plus it even has a night vision mode so you can carry on driving even when it’s dark. Not only that, but you can also use it as a drivable walkie-talkie as well as letting you record videos and upload photos via email or various social networks once they have been saved to your device. Available at:

Digital Luggage Scale - These scales allow you to pack your bags with confidence, because this device gives you the exact weight of your suitcase every time! No more panicking at the check-in desk and stuffing as much as possible into your hand-luggage. The scale is safe and easy to use - insert the scale belt through the handle of your luggage, lift it up and the LCD screen will display the weight up to 50kg. Available at:

Scribble Alarm Clock - If you are constantly getting great ideas late at night whilst drifting off to sleep, then the Scribble Alarm Clock is the perfect bedside accessory for you. This simple yet clever device will beautifully illuminate your notes/scribbles/drawings with a simple touch, and can be wiped off with a dry cloth when done. It also features a backlit LCD scrolling pixel display showing time, temperature, year and date, countdown timer, calendar, birthday reminder, three different alarm melodies and the all-important snooze function. Available at:  

Flask Tie - This nifty item of attire allows any professional in a working environment to grab some discreet refreshment. Dying of thirst in a business meeting? Take a sip of water from your tie! It holds approximately 450ml which can be accessed via the permanently-fitted plastic spill-proof straw. Available at:  

Smart Planter - Grow your kitchen herbs indoors and with style by using the Smart Planter. It will let you know when your plant needs water with the help of the ‘flower’ indicator. You’ll always know when to water them and won’t be perplexed as to whether they are growing in a healthy way or not. The planter also uses an innovative cotton wick irrigation system which allows you to maintain proper moisture for your plant. Available at: 

Polar Pen - Perfect for those who easily get bored or can’t keep their hands still while at work or school, the Polar Pen is comprised of 13 neodymium magnets to attach or detach to your heart’s content. It works great as a pen, a touchscreen stylus or as a play thing. Available at:

Golf Umbrella with Score Counter - Keeps score of the whole round - all 9 or 18 holes – and fits snugly into the handle of the umbrella which also contains a digital clock so you can time how long each shot is taking. The brolly has a black and white double canopy to protect you from the elements and is lightweight so won›t add much weight to your golf bag.
Available at:

Handbag Hero - It attaches to your bag handle via a circular carabineer clip. Simply tug the Hero to retrieve your keys. The Hero is long enough to reach the lock without the need for you to remove it from your handbag and can remain attached to the bag to make sure you don›t leave without them next time you go out.
Available at:  

Water Dancing Droplet Speakers - These conic speakers will not only provide the sound for your party but some of the lighting too! Packed into these cool speakers are colourful LEDs along with special water. Once your music starts playing, the speakers will send colourful jets of water up and down in time with the beat. Powered by USB, you can connect any device to the speakers with the included 3.5mm audio cable.
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