Gadgets Review - March 2023

by BTM

Wed, 01 March 2023

bahrain latest gadgets 2023

BTM looks at some of the most innovative gadgets to watch out for this year!

Smart Dog Collar
Pets are definitely a part of the family and when it comes to people’s dogs, taking care of them becomes an important part of the owner’s day-to-day. Invoxia has come up with the first biometric health collar for dogs, where you can literally track your dog’s health through an app on your phone. This innovative gadget comes with features such as heart rate monitoring, a real-time GPS tracker and even activity and sleep monitoring.

This gadget is used for people who have trouble sleeping. Dodow was created and inspired by a relaxation method called Sophrology. It works by guiding users through a breathing method synchronising their breathing with a soft and blue light signal – causing a hypnotic effect and thereby calming one’s mind.

TheraFace PRO
Innovation knows no limits and the skincare boom is no exception. Therabody’s latest gadget is a facial device integrated with LED lights that helps to relieve tension from the face, jaw and neck and also helps to reduce wrinkles and improve muscle tone.

Moleskine Smart Writing Set 2.0
The Moleskine Notebooks were inspired by the notebooks carried by prominent artists such as Van Gogh but presented for the modern day with a tech twist. These notebooks are integrated with a system that allows you to take notes with a smart pen and later transcribe them on your laptop or smartphone. Users just need to download the Moleskine app, connect it with the pen and then start writing.

Litra Glow
Logitech has launched a gadget for video streamers worldwide. The Litra Glow is a LED light device specifically designed to add a cinematic glow that will improve your appearance on camera and help you look more professional. It comes with a diffusion design to deliver full-spectrum LED light and can last up to 12 hours.

Komodo Covers
If your passions lie in being out and about a body of water, this product is perfect for you. The Komodo cover is a proprietary boat cover with a waterproof tarp, integrated with a high-strength TPU bladder in combination with a nylon PVC-coated sleeve to make it resistant to temperature change. It also comes with an app where you can monitor cockpit humidity, temperature, battery voltage and airframe pressure from anywhere.