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Gadgets Review - May 2019

by BTM

Wed, 01 May 2019

Gadgets Review - May 2019

BTM brings you the latest gadgets to push your technological buttons.

Golf Umbrella with Score Counter
This gadget keeps score of the whole round – all nine or 18 holes – and fits snugly into the handle of the umbrella which also contains a digital clock so you can time how long each shot is taking. It has a black and white double canopy to protect you from the Bahrain sun and is lightweight so won’t add much weight to your golf bag. Available from

In-Car DVR Vehicle Accident Camera
To protect you on the dangerous roads of the kingdom, this front-facing, high-definition DVR and crash camera with a 120-degree viewing angle and digital zoom will make sure all possible accidents are captured on its LCD display. It records sound and video in full HD and has GPS, GPS logging, Google Maps and a speedometer.
Available from Sharaf DG.

Cup of Mojo Bluetooth Speaker
Available in many colours, this cup can be paired to any smartphone, tablet, computer or other Bluetooth device. Enjoy the loud, clear, acoustics whether you’re at home, by the BBQ, in the park or in your local coffee shop. It can also be clipped onto you with the integrated handle carabineer clip.
Available from

Snow Peak Magnetic Lapel Torch
A bright and versatile hands-free LED light, this gadget clips to your shirt, backpack or elsewhere with a powerful magnetic clasp. It’s attached to its battery pack via a long cord and has multiple light modes.
Available from

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock
This gadget allows you to charge your Apple Watch either flat with an open bracelet or by lying it on its side, which will also activate alarm mode. The dock uses the same inductive connector for charging, so its compatible with both 38mm and 42mm models.
Available from Sharaf DG.

Orbit Planet Clock
This unique clock is based around the Solar System, with the sun in the middle and three planets suspended in the air which orbit around with a smooth, seamless motion. Three coloured aluminium balls rotate around the face which is coated with rubber to prevent scratching. Each planet depicts a different hand on the clock and the hidden motorised magnets pull the planets around the face.
Available from

The Apothecary Colour Changing Decks
Discover the world’s first set of colour-changing playing cards designed to help you find everyday inspiration through touch. It includes an elegant silver foil highlighting the deck, raised embossed tuck cases printed on linen-textured stock, and metallic gold ink throughout the deck for added class. 
Available from

Helium T900 Speaker
This rechargeable, portable speaker not only lets your music sound great, but look great too. One side of the speaker is covered in LEDs that light up when music is played. There are five different animations to choose from and it even has a built-in ‘gravity sensor’ to detect if the speaker is lying flat or stood up. The speaker can play music through either AUX cable, micro SD card or Bluetooth and can be plugged into a computer via USB.
Available from

Holi Smart Mood Lamp
The lamp is a kaleidoscopic riot of colours in your home, just like the Hindu festival it is named after. The lamp comes with the Holi App that you can use to customise the lighting to match your mood, time of day and the occasion. With literally hundreds of millions of colour combinations to play with, the only thing limiting the lighting effect is your imagination.
Available from