Gadgets Review - May 2022

by BTM

Thu, 28 April 2022

Bahrain gadget reviews 2022

Whether you’re looking for a new gadget that’s fun, functional or a bit of both, you’re sure to love Kristian Harrison’s finds.

Bright Idea USB Light - This device illuminates when connected to your laptop so you can work diligently in the middle of the night while not disturbing the rest of the house and wasting electricity. The light bulb also glows in the dark when not powered. Available from

Fetch Ball Launcher - This toy launcher is built to pick the balls up without using your hands, and it is designed to shoot a tennis ball over 200 ft. Therefore, you won’t have to grimace as your dog deposits the ball at your feet covered in slime, and it’ll give your pet a real run-around. Available from

Laser Guided Scissors - You’ll never cut wonky again with these scissors. Featuring a laser beam that guides your hand, they’re perfect for craft projects, gift wrapping, sewing and scrap-booking. Batteries are included.
Available from

Laptop Stand - Made from aluminium alloy for firmness and a stylish look, the laptop stand is perfect for browsing the internet or watching your favourite movies in total comfort. Available from

Vivo V23 Series - Vivo has introduced its latest V device, the V23 series, which includes an array of new features to stand out in the smartphone market. The V23 series is equipped with a dual front camera lens that allows more than two people to be in a picture, with an 8MP 105° Super Wide-Angle camera, plus an anti-shake and vibration rear camera to aid vlogging. The back panel is colour changing to allow to colours for one device, while the screen features a crisp 4K resolution Available from