Gadgets Review - November 2021

by BTM

Thu, 04 November 2021

bahrain gadget review for november 2021

BTM brings you the latest gadgets to push your technological buttons.

Colour-Changing Car Atmosphere LED Lights - These colour-changing car atmosphere light strips add awesome ambience to your car’s interior. Simply peel and stick them under the dashboard and seats. Then, use the included remote control to change the colour of the LED lights! Available from

Multi-Purpose Lap Desk It’s a portable desk that lets you use your laptop with ease, without having to juggle your phone and use the sofa cushion as a mouse mat. This sturdy desk is designed to support laptops up to 17”, and has a built-in mouse pad and slot for holding your mobile phone. With a cushioned base, it’s comfortable to use even if you’re doing a full day’s work from home. Available from

Sega Star Theatre Planetarium Projector - Project a constellation onto your ceiling, wall or any other flat surface and you can bring the night sky into your home. The Sega Star Theatre Planetarium comes with two star slides so that you can either see constellations or a realistic night sky with the Milky Way. This is an interactive way for you to explore the constellations, or a way to add a sci-fi feel to your room. Available from

Stellarscope – Constellation Finder - So, you want an accurate star map. How would you like one that identifies stars as you look at the night sky? This handy telescope has markings around the outside of the barrel, which you can set to the current time and date. Next, turn it skywards and it will show you the stars and constellations that are visible right then and there. The viewing map gives you a computer-generated readout that you can view with one eye while looking at the real sky with the other! Available from

Storm Globe with Stand This storm globe predicts the weather by using just liquid and crystals! The crystals change shape and the glass fogs up depending on the weather. It makes a fantastic ornament and is great for anyone interested in weather changes. Available from