Gadgets Review - October 2019

by BTM

Mon, 30 September 2019

bahrain latest gadget reviews 2019

BTM brings you the latest gadgets to push your technological buttons.

Induction Amp Speaker
This speaker is perfect for playing your music whilst out and about. It needs no wires, no Bluetooth and no Wi-Fi: the speaker connects just by placing your phone on top by using cutting edge near-field technology and amplifying any sound that passes through it. With a five-watt high response speaker, you get your music playing crystal clear. This gadget only works with devices with an external speaker, but if your device doesn’t have one, an AUX cable is included. 
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ipower tough 2 bahrain gadgetsiPower Tough 2
This portable phone charger has two USB ports, so you can charge two devices at one time. Perfect for outdoor activities, it is built with aluminium and surrounded by a professionally-developed rubber layer which is sturdy and resistant to an impact force of 1.2m. It’s also water and dust resistant. The high-capacity battery means you get four full charges for an iPhone. With LED charging indicators you can keep a check on just how much power you have left in your charger wherever you are.
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Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale in bahrain gadgetsFitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale
These are wireless smart scales. They won’t just tell you your weight, they’ll track weight changes and monitor your BMI and body fat percentage for up to seven people. The data is uploaded via your Wi-Fi network and is available online or in a free iPhone app. 
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bahrain gadget Metal Art MECH Warrior Phone StandMetal Art MECH Warrior Phone Stand
Similar to mechs featured in movies and computer games, this work of art, complete with dual machine gun arms, stands menacingly on your desk whether at home or in the office. The phone holder has a padded seat for your device to sit in, protecting it whilst in place. Each phone stand is slightly different as they are all crafted by hand. Using junkyard bits and bobs; nuts, bolts, chains and everything in-between are soldered together to create a secure place for you to keep your much-loved device.
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Nike Fuelband bahrain gadgetNike Fuelband 
The Nike Fuelband is a wristband that contains motion sensors to track your movement through the day, translating your activity into ‘Nike Fuel’ points that aim to let you compare yourself to others, regardless of the sports you’re doing. It also counts the steps you take – 10,000 per day is seen as a good indicator of a healthy lifestyle – and tells the time. It comes in three colours.
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bahrain gadgets Nike playbulb bluetooth candlePlaybulb Bluetooth Candle 
It’s an LED light that looks just like a candle. Download the free app from your app store and you can choose the colour of your candle. Blues, greens, pinks and neutrals; every colour under the rainbow is available at your fingertips. If you can’t decide on what colour you fancy then simply give your phone a shake and it will randomly select a colour for you. It can also be a candle holder by flipping it upside down and there’s a perfect spot for you to place a tea light.
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bahrain gadget connector penConnector Pen
This useful gadget contains a micro USB and an eight-pin charging adaptor all concealed within a black metallic pen. When extended, the Connector Pen will provide just over 21cm of cable allowing you to charge your smartphone from any standard USB port. When not in use, it is all neatly stored away inside the body of the pen and can even be used as a stylus when the pen nib is retracted.
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iKettle bahrain gadgetiKettle
Using the iKettle’s built in Wi-Fi, you can start boiling your water from anywhere in the house. With the iKettle app, you will save up to two days a year pre-boiling your kettle! Not only can it boil the water for you, but it will also notify you when it’s ready to pour, needs refilling and when it’s empty. A selection of different temperatures allows you to make your hot drink the way it should be, as not all beverages need piping hot water.
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bahrain gadget Click Clock Click Clock 
With a simple click of your fingers or a gentle tap on the top, the time magically appears on the wooden block. The time will only appear for a few seconds, making these ideal for bedrooms and people that don’t want bright lights while they try to get to sleep. The clock will automatically dim the brightness by two-thirds between 9pm-7am. It also includes date, temperature and three alarm settings with snooze.
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Huawei - P30 PRO Swarovski Case Bahrain mobile gadgetsHuawei - P30 PRO Swarovski Case
So, you’ve snapped up the latest offering from Huawei, the P30 PRO, which comes with many features to write home about, including, possibly the best-ever phone camera. Now it’s time to give your new love a little protection in the form of a Swarovski encrusted case. Protective and eye-catching at the same time, the cases come in the sparkling white of Vogue Astral Glamorous and the delicately tinted Vogue Pearl Pink Glamorous. They’re note available yet in Bahrain but we’ve got one of each to give away, so, keep an eye on our social media pages for a chance to get your hands on one for free.