Gadgets Review - October 2021

by BTM

Sat, 02 October 2021

Gadgets Review - October 2021

BTM brings you the latest gadgets to push your technological buttons.

Rubik’s Cube Safe
Perfect for all Rubik›s Cube fans, the Rubiks Cube Safe is a fully-functional cube that you can not only play normally with, but hide your valuables inside. You need to turn the three middle layers in a particular direction, chosen by yourself when you first use the cube, to access the contents within.
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Cygnett GoStick
Featuring a universal yet secure L-shaped cradle for your smartphone or GoPro camera, the GoStick lets you comfortably trigger your shutter button with the remote control that neatly attaches to the stick, or hide it in your hand for professional style shots. The collapsible tripod enables hands-free photos anytime, anyplace.
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Light Up Pin Art
This gadget can transform your artistic creations into indoor mood lighting in an instant. Make a relief with your face or hands, then place your pin art on to the frame and the backlight board will let vivid colours shine through your designs. With six colour settings, you can let your sculpture move through blues, purples and greens in an awe-inspiring sequence or set it on a single colour to create an atmospheric glow.
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Stormtrooper Bookends
These two officially licensed Stormtroopers are poised and ready for battle, waiting for any cheeky book thief to pop out from around the corner. As they have been specially trained in the art of book protection and guidance, they will make sure all your reading material is looking neat and tidy. Each figure is hand-painted and made from solid resin with a metal base and with their sturdy construction they make a perfect solution for any Star Wars fan’s messy shelf. Available from

eReader Pillow
The base of the pillow is filled with microbeads which mould to whatever you put on it, which is great when reading from your lap as it will mould to your leg shape giving maximum comfort. On the top of the pillow is a supportive ledge which keeps your device secure so it won’t slide off. Handy pockets are also included in the design to store all of your accessories and there is even a cord holder for your charging cable.
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