Gadgets Review - September 2022

by BTM

Fri, 09 September 2022

best gadgets list of bahrain 2022

BTM brings you the latest gadgets to push your technological buttons.

Helium LevitateHelium Levitate
This speaker can float and spin thanks to advanced magnetic technology. It provides crystal clear sound through a three-watt speaker. It attaches to anything metal and comes with a built-in mic, so you can use it as a hands-free device to take calls. Its battery life is five hours and you can connect via Bluetooth or AUX.
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Crystal Puzzle Apple
This puzzle contains 44 pieces that interlock with each other. Once it is completed you are left with an immaculate puzzle that sits pretty on a table or mantelpiece. It comes with a key to secure all the pieces together, which confirms you have finished the puzzle. 
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Snap Time
The watch reacts to movement so a simple tap, snap or clap will instantly light up the display. The LED display will show the time even in the dark. With no watch face to scratch and made out of lightweight durable silicone, these watches are hard-wearing and safe to use by anyone.
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Sammy Screamer
This motion detector will help you keep a check on anything and everything you want to. This could be attached to your cupboards, handbags, windows and doors or even a cookie jar! The Screamer will attach to your belongings and will notify you with a screeching alarm as well as a smartphone notification every time that thing is moved.
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The iRIStag packs a variety of useful features by containing a GPS locator and loud audio indicators including tag location, phone location, child protection, car finder and camera trigger. Available at