Get Active Outdoors

by BTM

Mon, 03 December 2018

Get Active Outdoors

It’s time to make the most of the long-awaited cooler weather. Thomas Cohen has come up with a selection of outdoor activities to do just that.

Arad Fort 
Take a walk along the fort, gaze at the picturesque seaside and breath in the history. Located in Muharraq, Arad Fort is the ideal place to enjoy a gentle stroll. The restoration and its illumination at night have only added to its already omnipresent charm. Arad Fort, site of various concerts and events, is one of the most important sites in the Kingdom. A true example of Islamic fort architecture from the 15th to the 16th century, it was once the epicentre of numerous conflicts with the Portuguese, now a concoction of cultures. To indulge in a trip to Arad Fort is  to allow yourself to stride amidst history, to say that you once walked where part of Bahrain’s history was built.

Wake Boarding 
There’s a steady start as the boat drags you along, but as it increases in speed, expect the unexpected. What was once the surface of the sea is now your playground. Jump, flip or twist, be ready to catch the right wave to fully experience what it’s like to walk on water. Head over to Coral Bay to experience the epitome of water sports for both experienced water skiers and beginners alike. With the help of a professional and the right gear, there is everything at your disposal for 30 minutes of unpredictability.
Scuba Diving
The Kingdom’s blue seas offer a once in a lifetime experience; scuba diving in the Arabian Gulf. Organisations such as ScubaMaster offer driving trips every Friday and Saturday. They are also open to weekday dives upon request. Whether it’s heading to Abuthalma, located 45 miles northeast of Bahrain, or Caisson Wreck, be ready to venture into the unknown. See maritime life up-close and personal, observe the coral and enjoy the peace of the undersea world.

The Tree of Life
Its wide, thick branches sit under the sun. Situated in the desert, it is lonesome. Not a tree in sight. Yet it’s four centuries old, secluded in the depths of a wasteland and, with no visible means of sustenance, clouded in mystery. Renowned as one of the most important sites in Bahrain, take a day out of your weekend, drive 30KM from Manama and visit the tree of life.
Horse riding
Elegant. Fast. There is no breed like the Arabian horse. Ride along the beach and against the sunset, the Kingdom’s landscape is the perfect muse for an experience such as this one, where modern times and heritage cross over. Head for the horizon, create a partnership with a majestic beast and learn a new skill. The Country Club and Dilmun Club both offer lessons and riding for more experienced equestrians.