Going to Jarada Island - A Boat Trip Extraordinaire

by Bill Grieve

Thu, 06 August 2020

A fantastic recreational boat trip out to a small island in the Arabian Gulf in absolute Five Star luxury.

A fantastic recreational boat trip out to a small island in the Arabian Gulf in absolute Five Star luxury.

Surrounded by water, Bahrain, offers many sea and beach attractions – though one of the most impressive outings available must be a trip to Jarada Island with the Ritz Carlton Hotel’s elite Pearl 1 “Wave breaker”, manufactured locally by Al Dhaen Marine.

The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Bahrain does nothing by half measures and the trip to Jarada Island illustrates this perfectly. The arrangements were exact and from the time the first enquiry was made to our final farewell - everything went perfectly.

On our arrival at the Royal Beach Club, we found that all necessary arrangements had been made and we were looked after from beginning to end. A simple waiver is required from each passenger and all are required to bring a CPR or Passport with them for security reasons.

The lunch on offer consisted of  a generous selection of appetizing menus including - “Middle East”; “French” or our chosen “International” - Guacamole-Tomato Salsa-Tortilla Chips; a selection of fresh sandwiches, crudités; cucumber-carrots-lettuce-tomato, celery and nuts accompanied by an assortment of cookies. All options were prepared to the highest standards as one would expect of our gracious hosts.

The Captain and his assistant were well rehearsed and practiced in providing us with a jovial greeting and a beaming smile as they welcomed us on board. After a brief introduction and life jackets distribution, off we went.  Our journey took us through Bahrain Bay and the sightseeing is incredible - Bahrain’s most prestigious buildings stand like sentinels providing guests with a scenic sensation in this extraordinary adventure.

As we journeyed seamlessly across the Arabian Gulf, having stopped briefly at a floating checkpoint as we left Bahrain, it was reminiscent of being chauffeured about in a luxury vehicle  The warm fresh salty sea air, sunshine and aquamarine waters tantalized almost every sense.

As the Pearl 1 planed across the flat, calm sea towards Qatar, the gentle sway of the changing tides and the purring of the vessel’s Yamaha motors combined to offer an enchanted experience on the high seas – culminating in our arrival at Jarada Island after only an hour.

On our arrival. the island was partially exposed and with the tide going out, the sandy outcrop quickly expanded. Boats and jet-skis buzzed around the beach like bees; waiting to perch on a pollen-filled flower. The crew set anchors and erected umbrellas, tables, folding chairs and even a fully stocked portable fridge.

Music was also provided as a welcome accompaniment resulting in an almost holiday atmosphere surrounded by swimming, sunbathing and serenity around the boat. As we enjoyed the soft, washed light sand, the visitors were in absolute harmony with nature and in awe of the raw beauty of Jarada Island. 

To the side, one of our group’s members did Yoga on the soft sand with the waves gently lapping against her forearms, while the rest of us sat and ate a delectable lunch listening to the music and soaking in the sunshine amidst the ambience of an absolutely unforgettable setting that any guest would never want to end…

Time flew by and it was soon time to head back - the crew fired up the motors, lifted anchor and we circled Jarada Island before heading back to the Ritz Carlton Hotel;  waving farewell to our fellow guests visiting the island as exclusive visitors to this incredible natural phenomenon.

The return trip was an absolute dream with all of us mesmerized by the passing sea spray, warm air rushing past our arms and faces and the knowledge that we were in safe hands and enjoying the ultimate comfort.

The return journey took us slowly past a wide variety of photographic opportunities and some of the best panoramic views available of Manama and the Seef district from the sea.

This was truly an amazing trip and provided an exceptional experience and value for money. There is no better way to visit Jarada Island, than with the leading brand in hospitality and entertainment–i.e. The Ritz Carlton, Bahrain.

Jarada Island History
Qit’at Jaradah is a cay in the Arabian Gulf to the east of Bahrain Island, located 32 km (20 mi) east of Manama, the capital of Bahrain approximately midway between Bahrain and Qatar, within the 12-mile (19 km) territorial waters of both countries. 

It was one of several maritime features contributing to a long-running dispute between Bahrain and Qatar. While historically Qit’at Jaradah has not been considered an island, Bahrain claimed in 2000 that it measured approximately 12 by 4 meters (39 ft × 13 ft) at high tide with an elevation of approximately 0.4 meters (1 ft 4 in), and 600 by 75 meters (1,969 ft × 246 ft) at low tide. The opposing view is that it is a low-tide elevation. The feature is uninhabited and without vegetation.
(Courtesy Wikipedia)

To book a trip -  visit, dial (+973) 1758 6612 or email - [email protected]

Reviewing a recreational boat trip out to a small island in the Arabian Gulf.