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Hair to stay!

by Michelle Dsouza

Tue, 13 August 2019

Hair to stay!

We're at peak summer with some of the hottest temperatures being recorded in the Middle East. But time and tide doesnt wait for anyone, neither do trends! We've been scrolling instagram like crazy people ooh-ing and ah-ing over the extreme hair trends! Here are some of our favorites: 

1. Dual Toned Hair

Circa Cruella DeVil from 101 Dalmations, the two toned hair trend is crawling back in, albeit with different shades. And we're here for it! If only our bosses wouldn't fire us, we'd totally do it! 

Image result for two toned hair

2. Asymetrical Lobs (Long Bobs)

Gone are the days when we'd think it'd be crazy to have uneven hair! 

Image result for asymmetrical lobs

3. Read My Hair

Make a style statement by actually having a statement in your hair! We love these and can't wait to get the message out there, literally. 

Image result for word hair pins

4. Messy Hair Don't Care!

Move over man-buns! The women do it better! 

Image result for messy hair bun

5. Incredible Hair Color

The easiest way to elevate and enhance your hair is to go full loco. Just kidding, pick a nice vibrant summer color and run with it! Have you guys heard of Beautopia? Their incredible hair color technicians work like magic to get you the most incredibly soft, glossy hair color for your hair! 

Follow Beautopia on Instagram for some incredible trends and for more information! You won’t be disappointed! Or call +973 7733 9999