Movie Mania - September 2018

by BTM

Wed, 05 September 2018

Movie Mania - September 2018

From animations to thriller to drama, September has a host of new releases to indulge in. Suzanne Nicholas brings you the top picks of the month – check them out!

Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
Release Date: September 7

A horrific attack kills a young mother’s (Jennifer Garner) husband and daughter, leaving her with a vengeance when the justice systems fail her. Peppermint is the story of a brave, daring woman with nothing to lose, who takes matters into her own hands in a quest for justice.

A Simple Favour
Genre: Mystery Thriller
Release Date: September 14

Mum and vlogger, Stephanie Ward (Anna Kendrick), attempts to solve the mystery-cloaked disappearance of her wealthy friend, Emily Nelson (Blake Lively). Based on the novel with the same name, by Darcey Bell, drama, betrayal and deceit are likely to run rampant throughout the movie and will leave you intrigued till the very end.

Assassination Nation
Genre: Thriller
Release Date: September 21

Having premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, Assassination Nation is to hit cinemas with a bang. Salem high school friends band together for survival when a malicious data hack exposes destructive secrets that threaten to tear the town apart, as they search for the lawbreaker responsible. 

Life Itself
Genre: Drama, Romance
Release Date: September 21

Covering different generations of people from New York, America and Carmona, Spain, Life Itself is a story of the intertwining of people’s journeys in seemingly insignificant, yet intriguing ways. This multi-generational story sees various notable actors assuming the roles of people living different, complicated lives with a general theme of love.

The House with a Clock in Its Walls
Genre: Family, Fantasy, Horror 
Release Date: September 21

Recently orphaned 10-year-old, Lewis Barnavelt, wishes for a normal life when he goes to live with his uncle, but what he finds is anything but that. Lewis (Owen Vacarro), Uncle Jonathan (Jack Black) and Mrs Zimmerman (Cate Blanchett) team up to stop a powerful clock with the ability to end the world.

The Sisters Brothers
Genre: Dark Comedy
Release Date: September 21

The Sisters Brothers follows Eli and Charlie Sisters, two hitmen brothers, hired to kill a prospector who has stolen from their boss. Based on the famous novel by Patrick Dewitt, and starring John C Reilly, Joaquin Phoenix and Jake Gyllenhaal, this film is chosen to premiere at the Venice Film Festival 2018. 

Night School
Genre: Comedy
Release Date: September 28

Ride Along and Central Intelligence star, Kevin Hart, plays a misfit student among others who have to attend night school in order to attain their GED. With Tiffany Haddish playing the role of his teacher, the duo in this original comedy might actually make it big during opening week.

Little Women
Genre: Drama, Family
Release Date:  September 28

On the 150th anniversary of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, Hollywood brings you a modern-day retelling of four sisters wholly committed to each other. The film follows the siblings from childhood to womanhood, detailing the journey, throughout which their love for each other never wavers, even in the face of tragedy.