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by Maheen Yasir

Wed, 14 August 2019



Study shows that healthy cells make a carbon copy of themselves and unhealthy cells make their xerox.

It's our responsibility to make a positive and responsible copy of ourselves that are our children.

This is our prime duty to ensure our children are brought up well, have good habits and civic sense.


The actual essence of love is not pampering but to develop our kids and to expose our kids with life. We give more emphasis and time to their studies and homework, if we put a fraction of the same effort in their exposure to life it will be beneficial in the long run.

  A child is like a plant we must nurture this seedling into a beautiful and green shady tree. 0-3 years is all the time you have to instill good habits, a lot of patience and a big heart is required for this task but it goes a long way I promise you that!.

Be adamant and steadfast, begin as early as managing a proper sleeping schedule for the newborn baby work around your lifestyle it may take a week or two but the effort is worth it.

Toddlers can be taught table manners and not touch things which don’t belong to them, they can be taught to pick after them when playing with toys.


I would like to share my experience of introducing my kids to life.

I was recognized as a tough and strict mom amongst my family and friends and referred to as "Hitler" for being a tough mom but believe it or not these are the same people who appreciate how well behaved and trained my kids are, I have worked hard and sacrificed a lot to bring them up. My son used to help me in house chores, from a very young age until now he is a teenager he greets his elders and knows how to interact in social gatherings does all domestic work like vacuuming, folding laundry, doing dishes, etc and my daughter is following his footsteps." I have taught them life along with pampering them to the fullest".


A lady at a family gathering appreciated how confident and bold my 10-year daughter was I beamed and thought the efforts and amount of tears and tantrums I have been through while raising my responsible middle school kid.

Mind It, it wasn’t easy but we got through the most difficult times and came out a winner.

 Unlike us, our generation is more advanced and tech-savvy. We have played outdoor games in the neighborhood with friends and cousins and know the value of a sportsman spirit. Today they have a restart button to all the possible games they play. We can involve them in making small decisions in life for e.g choose the menu for the week, buying a new appliance, choosing the grocery item. If we value their decision they will grow up as responsible and confident adults.


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