Website Reviews - October 2018

by BTM

Sun, 30 September 2018

Website Reviews - October 2018

What is it?
Boredom doesn’t mean you should distract yourself with the simplest and most mind-numbing content out there on the web. Try expanding your knowledge by diving deep into the incredibly useful and thought-provoking blog posts on Brain Pickings, which is a popular blog run by MIT fellow Maria Popova. She’s the one who does all the research and writing for each post. 

The Good 
You can probably expect to find a few good books to add to your reading list just by subscribing to this blog. The articles are provocative, interesting and designed to make you think rather than shovel through endless memes and meaningless content on social media.

The Bad
Popova’s updates seem to be very sporadic. Sometimes there will be new content every day, whereas other times you may be waiting a week. Therefore, setting aside time to read the site in a routine manner is ill-advised.

Hyperbole and a Half is a blog created by Allie Brosh, a young woman with a talent for telling her life story through detailed Microsoft Paint drawings. She says her blog is not really a web comic, but it’s not really a blog either. 
Whatever it is, it’s a wonderfully colourful and comedic site to browse through. If you love whimsical drawings of dogs, rainbows and other things, then you’re bound to really fall in love with this one.

Laughing Squid is an interesting blog to check out all the wacky, inspiring and unbelievable stuff you can find there. You can find all sorts of highly visual posts about art, culture and technology on this site, most of which are photos and videos. 
It’s updated with several new posts a day featuring the newest, freshest content. Posts are kept pretty short, too, making it perfect for browsing casually.