Website Reviews - April 2021

by BTM

Mon, 05 April 2021

Website Reviews - April 2021

Exploring the wonderful world of the internet? Check out these sites that we find quite useful. is an Islamic website which is very helpful in finding prayer timings for any location. Just type in the name of the country, state, province or city for which you want to know the timings and press Enter; the timings will be loaded. You can also choose whether you want the timings of a day, a month or a year..
The website is magic, or rather feels like one. You can think of any character in the entire world, fictional or non-fictional, and through a series of questions, it will deduce the name. It’s very difficult to accomplish, but try and beat him! is a very helpful Islamic website through which you can easily access the Quran online. You can listen to it and also read it with translation on this website. This website has translation of the Quran from six different sources available in 30+ languages along with transliteration. It also provides audio of 12 prominent reciters of the Quran.
It’s a place which shares ideas and insights from the most successful people around the world. You won’t get life-hacks here, but you will get real information. You will learn from the mistakes of the others and their successes too. A good place to get content from people who know what they are talking about.