Website Reviews - December 2019

by BTM

Fri, 06 December 2019

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Verdict: A fascinating geographical resource.

What is it?
If you want to find out how the earth looked a couple of million years ago, then Ancient Earth Globe is a great resource. It uses historical data based on geographic analysis to recreate scenes. Once it generates, you can turn the globe around to see how the continents were set up during that time. 

The Good 
The site is a fascinating insight into how the modern world was formed via continental drift and biological intervention. Not only that, but there are detailed written descriptions of each period to give context to each period.

The Bad
Some elements of this visualisation are not adjusted for time, such as the cloud and star positions. The main annoyance is that the globe on screen rotates on an axis with no way to pause it, which means constantly clicking and dragging to stay on the same spot.

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If you love history, this is your one-stop shop to learn everything about our past. From ancient kingdoms to epic wars, you can find everything here. There are tremendously detailed articles with plenty of imagery to bring the ancient world to life.

It’s a ridiculous website, but a lot of fun. The cow is hidden somewhere on the page, and you need to find it. All you can hear is the sound of the cow. As your mouse cursor gets closer to the cow, the music gets louder. Click at the point where the noise is loudest, and it will reveal the cow. It’s silly but surprisingly addictive.