Website Reviews - December 2021

by BTM

Sun, 28 November 2021

bahrain best website to browse securely in december 2021

The internet can feel a bit like an information super-highway at times. Kristian Harrison tells us about some of the most interesting sites we can visit.

wayfinder.nfb.cawayfinder.nfb.caWayfinder is a game about our connection to nature that uses generative code, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data mining to create a new experience each time it is played.

vangoghmuseum.nlvangoghmuseum.nlThis is definitely one of the better museum websites around. The use of colour creates warmth without detracting from the sense of space. The ability to search the collection visually is a welcome feature.

benjaminhardman.comBenjamin Hardman is a photographer that captures some amazing images of harsh environments that’ll give you the chills just looking at them. His work is often completed in Iceland. You can find images of beautiful landscapes and animals that live in the wild.

100percentpure.com100percentpure.comThis beauty company’s motto and beliefs are obvious as it says it all in the name. These are super cool skincare products that find their colour from natural fruits, and are infused with other powerhouses like green tea.