Website Reviews - June 2020

by BTM

Mon, 01 June 2020

Website Reviews - June 2020

Verdict: A useful tool for finding your next read.

What is it?
This website is really interesting for someone who loves reading. Have you ever been in a state where you cannot find the next great book you should read? What Should I Read Next fixes that in a single click. Thanks to the huge database and associated data of books and authors, the site can suggest some of the finest books that will entice you next. 

The Good 
The site is really easy to use. It tells you what books you might enjoy based on certain criteria, or you can specifically search for a particular book and you’ll not only get a link to buy the book, but also others like it.

The Bad
As with all recommendation sites, there are issues in regard to recommending books which are supposedly ‘similar’ but aren’t at all. They run off an algorithm based on users’ clicks and aren’t actually checked. Also, the links to buy don’t show the cheapest or most convenient stores which makes it pretty useless.
Like to draw? Weavesilk lets you create an awesome piece of art in a few single clicks and movements of your mouse interface. Once you have drawn a picture, you can go ahead and share it or save it on your device. No matter how bad you are when it comes to drawing, the final picture looks so abstract and great that this is a real time killer. It’s also available as an app in the App Store.
The AutoCorrect feature in iOS has made more people laugh than any comedian in the world. While it tries to improve your language and vocabulary, it can get you into all sorts of trouble. Do you enjoy finding those grammar fails, especially the funny ones? This site is a compilation website that lists down screenshots of iPhone mishaps. You can keep hitting the Next button until you’ve passed your lunch break.