Website Reviews - June 2022

by BTM

Sun, 05 June 2022

bahrain best website to browse securely

Exploring the world of the internet? You’ll love these websites.
Adobe Kuler is an online colour wheel generator for designers and artists alike. You can use this website to create and explore different colour combinations that you would deem to be fit for your next graphical project, or just to browse the full spectrum for new shades.
‘Is it down for everyone of just me?’ is a really useful website for those whose internet is regularly playing up. Do you often find yourself wondering if the problem is with your network or if the website is really down? Going to this site and entering the URL of the website you think might be broken will be able to confirm or deny which end is causing the lack of access.
Love weird stuff? Then check out Oddee, one of the web’s largest and most popular platforms featuring the craziest, strangest and most bizarre content you probably won’t find anywhere else. Posts feature photographs and videos in a range of categories including art, signs, places, objects, ads, science, medicine, home design, names, people, gifts, stories, tech and more.
Bored Panda is the place you want to be when you want to discover interesting and visually appealing content. It’s a blog that publishes regular updates on the coolest finds in travel, photography, illustration, animals, DIY, technology, design and all sorts of other great categories. You can also create an account to vote posts up or down.