Website Reviews - March 2023

by BTM

Wed, 01 March 2023

bahrain best website to browse for march 2023 The Wiki Game is a fun little game that requires all that Wikipedia practice you have from your college days. You’re given a Wikipedia article as a starting point, and you have to navigate to an entirely unrelated Wikipedia article. The challenge is to do it within a given time frame using the lowest possible number of clicks while also perhaps learning something along the way. Miniclip is a site packed with games from genres including action, sports, rhythm and puzzles that come in bite-sized chunks that you can pick up and play. So if you’re stuck on an essay or find yourself needing a short break from work, take 10 minutes out of your day and see what there is to play. Online shopping is always a joy, especially when you run into things that make no sense as purchases. Weird or Confusing has a giant list of such products, serving you randomised links of beautifully weird products from across the Internet. The selection of items will make you question a lot of things, including whether you should get one of the items. The Zooniverse transports you to an online vortex of research where you can participate in a variety of projects in the fields of history, biology, the arts and medicine. Since its launch by the Citizen Science Alliance, Zooniverse has produced a large number of published research papers and several open-source sets of analysed data.