Website Reviews - November 2022

by BTM

Sun, 06 November 2022

Website Reviews - November 2022

With so many websites to choose from, how do you figure out which one is worth your time? Kristian Harrison shares his top picks.
Skribbl is a free multiplayer drawing and guessing game which you can play with your friends, family or with people across the globe. Even if you are not a Pictionary enthusiast, this game will still make you roll on the floor laughing.
Just as the title says, this website is a hilarious collection of hundreds of brands and their slogans re-imagined. 

While brands make their own efforts of marketing with slogans, this is a playful take on them that will have you in stitches on your lunch break.
100,000 Stars provides a stunning look at the stars that are relatively close to Earth. Using your mouse or trackpad, you can zoom in and out to explore The Milky Way and surrounding galaxies.
If you ever get tired of your two-finger keyboard pecking someday and may have some extra time on your plate, then do give touch typing a try. Not only will you learn the professional way of typing by building your muscle memory, but you will also discover how addictive touch typing is.