Website Reviews - October 2020

by BTM

Sun, 04 October 2020

bahrain best website list october 2020
Verdict: Useful and exciting!

Bahrain Best website reviews 2020Instructables has an annual Halloween site that’s a veritable craft-fanatic heaven. The layout is great, with high-quality photos of various Halloween-related projects and costumes, as well as the option to ‘star’ any projects that you particularly like.
PBS Kids has gone all out with their Halloween website, which features a colourful, cartoonish design and a straightforward layout that invites kids to play a number of Halloween-themed games or even write their own ghost stories.
Pumpkin Gutter is basically a testament to what can be done when you combine artistic and technical skills with a passion for pumpkin carving. Artist Scott Cummins carves directly into the rinds of pumpkins to create cool textures and 3D effects with his jack-o-lanterns. His site lets you look through a gallery of his creations, watch time lapse videos of his process and learn the technique yourself.
SyFy Wire is a bold, splashy site that lets you watch horror-related web videos, read movie reviews and news and interact with other horror fans. The site is really in its element during what it has declared the month of ‘Feartober’.