Website Reviews - October 2022

by BTM

Thu, 06 October 2022

bahrain Website Reviews - October 2022

With millions of websites to choose from, how do you pick one to spend time on? Check out Kristian Harrison’s top picks. If you’re someone who loves seeing the world, Map Crunch will bop you around random Google Street View locations across the globe. Just tap the green ‘Go’ button to be transported to a new location. Autodraw allows you to freehand a doodle and then the site guesses what you were attempting to draw. It’s pretty fun for both: the artistically gifted and those who can’t draw anything. Perfect for avid history fans. This massive, interactive timeline of history is dangerous and fun, because it will pull up Wiki pages for all sorts of historical events. Good luck not going down countless rabbit-holes. Flight Radar lets you see every aircraft that’s currently in the air. While the map is a bit of an illusion – planes fly in a three-dimensional sky, not a 2D landscape – it is quite interesting to see how many aircraft pack the sky. Kill some time by seeing where your folks are jetting off to in real time.