Websites Review - July 2018

by BTM

Sat, 07 July 2018

Websites Review - July 2018

Rating: 5/5
Verdict: Easy-to-use service which might reveal the next big thing.

What is it?
It’s a simple, bare-bones site that allows anyone to upload and download music under a variety of licences, and embed uploaded tracks across the web. It’s a lot like YouTube, but with audio instead of videos. The overall tone of the site is positive and generally more serious than YouTube and is well respected within the music community. 

The Good 
Without a doubt, SoundCloud is an amazing gift to indie music. It’s effortless and has a novel timed annotation feature, allowing people to discuss music in an entirely new way. SoundCloud is great, and if you want to hear the next major act before the labels do, SoundCloud is where to look. The search feature is intuitive and you can narrow down your preferences to find that sound you really like.

The Bad
Although the website has strong community guidelines, occasionally objectionable material will sneak online for a brief time before it is reported and deleted.
Wolfram Alpha is the awesome artificially intelligent graphing calculator that you wish you had at high school. Want to know what a function looks like? Done. Want to see how to solve an equation, step by step? It’s easy. Want to know the nutrition facts of a 100g of fried chicken? Not a problem. Wolfram Alpha has a bizarrely broad and sophisticated suite of features, and is the student’s best friend.
10 Minute Mail sets you up with a self-destructing email address that expires in 10 minutes. Your temporary inbox works just like regular email, allowing you to forward and respond to messages, but with utmost privacy and absolutely no spam to clog up your inbox. You can add extra time if 10 minutes isn’t long enough.