Websites Review June 2018

by BTM

Fri, 25 May 2018

Websites Review June 2018


Rating: 5/5 Stars

What is it?
The website is a collection of small games which you can play on your browser. Effective for less than 10 minutes of usage, it’s good for a short break. 

The Good 
This is a perfect time-killer if you have a quick lunch break or you are waiting for something and need to fill a few minutes. The games and apps are short, sweet and fun to play.

The Bad
There’s no search feature in case you want to play a particular type of game, and there’s also no description of each game before you click on it. Therefore, there’s no way to gauge whether you’ll like it or not before you try, which means a lot of clicking back and forth.

This website is a good one for anyone who thinks he or she is great at recognising different languages. It is a great way to test the knowledge of anyone who gloats around you and says they have better language skills – not knowing there are more than 6,000 languages all around the world. Also, this website keeps you entertained while you try to guess which language is being played live.

If you are someone who is overwhelmed by the sheer number of movies in any catalogue or streaming service, and cannot decide what to watch, this one is for you. The website only hosts 30 movies at a time, with a single movie added and removed daily.

This gives you a highly curated and small list of options you can easily choose from. From the day of the upload, a movie remains on the website for 30 days, essentially giving you the same time to watch that movie before it is removed. A great website for any movie lover.