What’s Green

by BTM

Tue, 01 October 2019

bahrain ecco friendly products

Cup of Joe 
Swap your regular disposable coffee cup for a reusable one and do the environment the huge favour of dumping all that polystyrene waste (not literally, of course).

Lots of coffee shops sell their own, and some of the big hotels are getting in on the act too. We like this one from Aussie brand Onya, because the whole brand is about sustainability. They’re great looking, cool to the touch and made from 100-per-cent food-safe silicone. They also come in five different colours.
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Play Time 
Green Toys has a great range of fun and eco-friendly things to get kids engaged with the environment at an early age. The brand makes beach toys from plastic that would have ended up in the ocean, collected from coastlines and waterways. It also makes a wide-range of other playthings from 100-per-cent recycled plastic – mainly milk containers.
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Tell the Tooth 
Bamboo toothbrushes are quickly becoming a staple in many households, not only because they're naturally antimicrobial, but also because of their eco-friendliness and biodegradability. These ones from Wowe also come in a charcoal-infused version which is even better for your teeth and gums.
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Trendy Kids 
Stella McCartney has a long history of eco-activism and her latest range, created for kids, shows that youngsters can look cool while their parents take a stand on global warming. The collection is made with organically grown cotton, recycled wool and polyester as well as sustainably sourced viscose and other planet-friendly products.
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Step To 
Single-use plastic water bottles have become an environmental plague. Shoe company Rothy's transforms them into stylish, and environmentally-friendly, flats, loafers and sneakers, with styles geared for women and kids. What’s not to like?
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