What’s Green - November 2019

by BTM

Mon, 04 November 2019

bahrain ecco friendly products for november 2019

bahrain eco friendly product cotton swabsUSE, WASH, REPEAT! 
LastSwab replaces single-use cotton swabs that occupy landfills the world over. Available in two versions: standard and make-up, both innovative designs feature a soft-feel tip. It’s delicate enough to be suitable for sensitive body parts, precise enough to be a make-up essential. LastSwab is the sanitary, reusable alternative to single-use swabs that can be cleaned using soap and water. The body is nylon, the tips are made from TPE, a material often used for healthcare applications, and the case is made from PLA, a corn-based material. They’re available in many colours and designed to be as durable as possible, lasting over 1,000 uses. 
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bahrain eco friendly product party utensilsDITCH THE PLASTIC 
Party utensils don’t get greener than this. Leafware makes disposable dinnerware out of water and fallen palm leaves. All natural, compostable and biodegradable, with no binders/chemicals, the knives, forks, spoons and tasting/dessert spoons are a perfect match with the brand’s palm dinnerware products. Now you can party guilt-free with the new sturdy, lightweight, compostable cutlery. The elegant, chic dinnerware even costs a fraction of bamboo products. 

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bahrain eco friendly product sun glassesRESPONSIBLE EYES 
If you’re looking for sun glasses that combine the best of eye protection with a bold and distinctive style, then look to Blue Planet Eyewear for a wide range of polarised sun glasses that don’t just look great, they’re environmentally friendly too. All the frames are made from repurposed plastics and metals, and the temples on the sun glasses are either recycled plastic, or formed from natural bamboo or wood. The glasses provide UVA and UVB protection as well as polarising filters for glare reduction. 

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bahrain eco friendly product food wrapIT’S A WRAP 
Bee’s Wrap is a uniquely-designed plastic-free and eco-friendly reusable food wrap comprised of organic cotton infused with sustainably harvested beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. Made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, these food wraps have been handcrafted using customised processes, giving consumers industry-leading wraps that are of the highest quality, washable, reusable and fully biodegradable. They are durable and easy to use, and foods stay fresh without resorting to single-use plastic. The wraps hold their shape when they cool, creating a seal. They are made to be washed with cool water and gentle soap, and then reused again and again.

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bahrain eco-friendly reversible rugsGREEN STATEMENT  
Eco-friendly, reversible rugs from Fab Habitat are tightly woven for added durability from straws made up of 100-per-cent recycled plastic. Strong and hard-wearing but soft and comfortable underfoot, the power loomed threads are woven with skill and precision. These multi-functional rugs are mould- and mildew-resistant. They’re also UV-resistant, to prevent fading and sun damage, and won’t cause damage to your lawn or decking. They are also practical for indoor use, as spills will just wipe clean. Some of the rugs come with a jute carrier bag with a shoulder strap, making them portable and easy to transport for beach trips, camping or picnics. 

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