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Save Your Pearly Whites

by BTM

Thu, 01 March 2018

Save Your Pearly Whites

Do you know that visiting an endodontist can save you a whole lot of trouble in the future? The expert from this reputed hospital explains how.

Endodontists are dental specialists who perform root canal treatment and other endodontic procedures to treat dental infections, relieve pain and help patients retain their natural teeth without removal. Of the several treatments available, it is vital to weigh your options and their impact on your future dental health and lifestyle.

Besides comprehensive endodontic care, the Royal Dental Studio at Royal Bahrain Hospital (RBH) focuses on preventive measures, like early detection and control of caries, prevention of gum diseases and gum care. Tooth decay, if diagnosed in the early stages, can be restored without a root canal treatment.

“According to a recent survey by the American Association of Endodontists, 67 per cent of patients worldwide express fear of pain as their biggest concern even before undergoing a root canal treatment, rather than the treatment itself,” says Dr Arulselvam Stalin, specialist endodontist at RBH’s Royal Dental Studio.

Endodontic management is carried out with proper local anaesthesia and advanced rotary endodontic techniques, so that the vast majority of patients feel comfortable during and after the procedure. Taking proper medication (antibiotics or pain killers) and carefully following the instructions of the endodontist helps the teeth subsequently return to normal.

Studies show that getting a root canal treatment to save your tooth is a simpler, long-lasting solution than having a diseased tooth removed and replaced with prosthesis, which is more complex, time-consuming and less cost-effective. Teeth with well-treated root canal fillings and restorations will last for many years, if not a lifetime. There is nothing better than retaining your natural teeth. So, go ahead and preserve your pearly whites.

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