A Treat for the Tresses

by BTM

Tue, 04 July 2017

A Treat for the Tresses

This popular salon’s signature treatment will have your hair looking not only picture perfect but also nourished from the inside out.

When you go for a haircut or a blow-dry, most salons will offer you the regular standard service. Dessange Paris Bahrain, however, goes the extra mile and has even the most basic thing, such as a trim, leaving you feeling truly pampered.

That was certainly my experience when I went to try the salon’s Signature Shampoo Bar, which is a personalised scalp and hair treatment with more than 85 per cent natural ingredients, including clays and essential oils, as well as precious stones and metals. Dessange provides this service to all its customers before any cut or blow-dry.

I’ve always been of the opinion that when you go to a stylist, you should first take notice of his or her own hair to see how well it has been maintained. Keeping that in mind, I’m very glad that my knowledgeable stylist, Priyanka, did not disappoint. Looking at her lush and lustrous locks, I knew I was in good hands. 

She began by asking me various questions about the condition of my scalp before deciding on the right treatment for me. Since I colour my hair and religiously take a trip to the salon every month to touch-up my roots, I have a somewhat dry and irritated scalp (must remember to not annoy it anymore!). So what I needed was something to soothe it. For me, Priyanka suggested Perle essential oil – for extra moisture and rejuvenation – and then Copper clay, which would calm and protect the skin. This sounded lovely and I could feel my noggin thanking me in advance.     

Priyanka then went on to explain the different essential oils (not used on pregnant women) and clays that the salon utilises for various treatments. The oils include Cuivre for comforting, Malachite for purifying, Perle for recharging and Or for de-stressing. 

There are also four choices of Phytodess clays available, depending on the needs of each client: Malachite purifies and refreshes greasy scalps; Copper comforts and protects tensed crowns; Gold balances and de-stresses normal skin; and Pearl revitalises and recharges dry heads. 

Once I was thoroughly briefed on the benefits, Priyanka rubbed the essential oil and applied the clay to the length and ends of my hair. She then gave me a head massage and an express back rub. After leaving the treatment on for a few minutes, she shampooed and conditioned my tresses and I was ready for a blow-dry. 

My hair felt silky smooth and I could feel it looking healthy and nourished, and not as dry as it usually does after my regular wash. I tend to shampoo every day but Priyanka advised me to do it on alternate days to avoid my natural oils from becoming depleted. 

After the blow-dry, my mane had taken on a new life – it looked healthy and happy. Along with my hair, I too had a bounce in my step; I was ready to show off my crown, taking pleasure in the fact that it was now revitalised thanks to the pampering it so deserved.

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