Adhering to A Legacy

by BTM

Fri, 01 September 2017

Adhering to A Legacy

Eid al-Adha is one of the most revered events in the Muslim calendar and marks a significant point of the year.

People from all walks of life commemorate their sacrifices and celebrate the rewards of their obedience to God. It is also an opportunity to look back at history, reflecting on triumphs and milestones.

International Agencies Co. Ltd (Intercol) has come a long way from its modest beginnings in 1957 as a single shipping company. Today, it is a well-diversified, 100 per cent Bahraini-owned conglomerate involved in consumer products, information technology, mobile communication, healthcare, social insurance, travel, shipping, warehousing, logistics and engineering.

Throughout its history, the company has been heavily involved in Bahrain’s ever-growing economy and was a pioneer during the early development of the Kingdom’s commercial and business sectors. Built on solid foundations, good customer relations, attention to detail and the professionalism of its welltrained and qualified workforce, Intercol continues to play a prominent role in many industries.

Founded by the late Ali Abdul Rahman Alwazzan and Sadiq Mohammad Al Baharna, Intercol is today managed by Abdul Rahman Ali Alwazzan and Sadiq Mohammad Al Baharna. Both are highly respected members of Bahrain’s business community and hold directorships in prominent business houses. Further, they are held in high regard by government and international business executives.

The founders knew that growing the business required expansion, thus the move into insurance, travel, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, warehousing, IT and mobile communications, clearing and forwarding and consumer products. As time passed, the introduction of new, young talents paved the way for fresh business insights.

Intercol ensures that quality remains synonymous with its name and with every aspect of the business. Therefore, it has implemented a corporate quality control system, which has led to attainment of ISO 9001: 2015 accreditation company-wide. Further, it has fully addressed environmental, health and safety measures leading to ISO 14001: 2015 environmental accreditation company-wide.

Intercol’s directors are preparing for the future by training the younger generation to participate fully in the company’s activities so they may take over in the years to come with a deep knowledge of every aspect of the underlying business.

Committed to Bahrainisation, the company gives constant attention to the full development of every team member from senior manager to the newest recruit. The result is a dedicated and loyal staff with a well-deserved reputation throughout Bahrain for their professionalism, knowledge, technical expertise, attention to detail and timeliness.

Intercol joins Bahrain in celebration and wishes its people a wonderful and prosperous Eid al-Adha.