Ambassador Stores: A Nod To Timeless Tradition

by BTM

Mon, 06 January 2020

Ambassador Stores Bahrain

World-renowned Japanese horologist, Seiko, presents the discerning Presage collection of watches boasting fine Arita Porcelain dials.

Seiko’s Presage timepieces reiterate a passion for fine watchmaking that is inspired by traditional craftsmanship. The range combines a Japanese aesthetic sense with traditional handiwork, representing the brand’s mechanical watchmaking skills in a collection that offers Oriental beauty, quality and long-lasting performance. Each piece integrates classic designs with techniques and advanced technology to create something unique.

Loyalists of the brand enjoy Seiko’s traditional watchmaking skills with dials that showcase different forms of Japanese craftsmanship. The newly introduced pieces in the Presage collection bring to life another expression of Japan’s rich cultural heritage, with dials made of porcelain from Arita, a town which, for over 400 years, has been the home of porcelain in Japan.

Arita came to prominence in the early 17th century, when porcelain clay was discovered there and its products became greatly prized in Japan for the high quality of their artistry. Within a few decades, Arita porcelain was exported across the world and is still coveted, thanks to the uniquely Japanese sensibility that it embodies.

The dials, which are made in the town itself, have rich texture and depth; the signature of the finest porcelain. The heritage of Arita Porcelain is recognised in the colour of the dials – white with a trace of blue. Due to its nature, the original form of this porcelain lacks the durability and strength for a watch dial. However, a new type of the trademark material was created, more than four times harder, allowing the strength and flexibility required for a Presage watch.

To produce the dials, the base material is put into a special mould to give it depth, and then dried and fired for the first time at 1,300⁰C to harden and whiten. The dials are then glazed by hand, after which they are fired again, this time cementing the glaze onto the dial giving a deep, rich finish and subtle blue tinge. The holes for the date window and hands are cut by laser, and finally, the dials are then fired again to render smooth the surfaces that have been cut.

The watch offers caliber 6R27, with a power reserve indicator at the nine o’clock position and a date indicator at six o’clock.

Seiko watches are exclusively available at Ambassador Stores in Bahrain. The shop also showcases high-end brands such as Yamaha, Audio Technica, Shure, Hercules and Proel, and is the sole distributor of Alba watches in the Kingdom. Ambassador Stores offers its discerning customers in Bahrain the best brands in musical instruments, high-quality home entertainment systems, elegant and much sought-after watches and clocks, and the very latest high-tech gadgets and accessories.

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