Smart Listening

by BTM

Mon, 03 December 2018

Smart Listening

Bring music into every room of your home wirelessly with Yamaha’s MusicCast system.

The joy of music was meant to be shared. MusicCast from Yamaha provides easy access to your entire home entertainment library from anywhere in the home, to play in every room you please. This multi-room audio playback setup – whether you own a single speaker or the ultimate home theatre system – can be controlled by a simple app, which is available on Google Play and Appstore. Its Surround technology enables you to be immersed in cinematic surround sound without the need for speaker cables being run to the back of the room.

The brand represents the cutting-edge of audio technology and trademark sound quality that the company is renowned for. Superior construction, detailed design and innovative technology combine to reflect the ethos of the world’s biggest musical instrument manufacturer. From AV receivers and sound bars, to wireless speakers – whatever your needs are, the line-up provides a home entertainment experience at a whole new level.

The MusicCast system has been built into much of Yamaha’s audio range, from home cinema receivers to hi-fi streamers and all-in-one mini hi-fi units. There is a range of speakers and soundbars to suit every individual need. The brand has a perfectly-sized sound gadget just right for your living room, bedroom or kitchen. With this nifty sound system, you can choose where you want your tunes to play. Users can play the same song everywhere, or even different songs in the various rooms of the house, with no hassle whatsoever. What’s more, volume levels can also be adjusted in individual areas. Every connected MusicCast product can be tweaked sonically with tone controls and equalisers.

These devices can be intuitively controlled either by touch or voice – the choice is yours. Control a single contraption or an entire home sound system with ease using Alexa and hear your private spaces come alive. (Availability of voice command control via Amazon Alexa varies by region.)

Yamaha goes so far as to enable you to organise all your products wherever they are in your home. The app allows personalisation based on the room, where you can even add your own photos to the app. So, you can have pictures of food representing the dining room, and an image of batman for the garage.

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