Aran Cucine: Innovative Appeal

by BTM

Sun, 04 June 2017

Aran Cucine: Innovative Appeal

Dress your kitchen in the latest, seasonal looks in a jiffy, without the hassle of refurbishing the entire space.

What if you were told you could change the look and have a contemporary, modular kitchen at the drop of a hat? With Aran Cucine’s Cover collection, you can easily change the appearance of your culinary space whenever you want, and as often as you like.

Aran Cucine doesn’t let you tire of the same, boring décor, thanks to changeable graphics that reflect your own unique personality. The doors of the cabinets comprise magnetic films that are durable and washable, to facilitate changing the artwork on them. So your culinary space can have a new look to suit the season or reflect your mood without the trouble of redecorating the place. This revolutionary, patented technology is garnering fans the world over, for its convenience and ease of use.

The product designs are practical and attractive, and meet individual lifestyle needs, with a focus on the quality of raw materials, superior craftsmanship and modern ergonomics. True to its reputation for being up to date with the latest technology, the brand brings you the choice of never being bored with the look of your pantry again.  

Aran Cucine also has a great line-up of modular styles to select from. If you prefer to stick with convention, time-honoured models lend the comfort of a familiar environment and the convenience of a domestic setting, where tradition and innovation strike a harmonised balance. The collection has an old school charm with the latest attributes and accessories to cater to your everyday needs.

For something more contemporary, the label has a smart, urban range of customised kitchens. The modern collection is characteristic of clean lines and is adaptable to many settings. Assorted materials, such as stainless steel panels, silver decorated frames, white ash, clay, titanium and coloured finishes, are used to exude friendliness and a relaxed vibe.

Over the years, Aran Cucine has become synonymous with sophisticated Italian style, trustworthiness and reliability in luxurious residential complexes all over the world.

The brand has tasted success across Uruguay, Panama, Canada and the Far East. The Middle East is also an ardent patron of these high-end Italian concept kitchens. Yusif bin Yusif Fakhro, one of the Kingdom’s leading business houses, makes the superior products and services of Aran Cucine available in Bahrain.

All creations are conceptualised and manufactured in Italy. Being one of the top market players in the world of designer pantries, the company recognises the importance of protecting the environment. The products are fabricated in a way that all the elements that make them are easily identifiable and separable at the time of their disposal, making it possible to completely recycle them. As much as 90 per cent of the waste is recovered for use in new assembly processes, or exploited for energy. Special attention has always been paid to preserve and respect the planet and investments have been made in eco-friendly sources of energy.

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